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By Muriel Clement, PRO, North Shore Caribbean Association, Inc. [August 1999]

The North Shore Caribbean Association, Inc., (NSCA) was founded in 1996 to promote and preserve Caribbean heritage and culture on the North Shore. A major goal of NSCA was to find ways to share the rich culture of the Caribbean and to teach children of Caribbean descent about their heritage. This has led to the formation of the North Shore Caribbean Crystal PanJammers.

During Black History Month, February 1999, the organization hosted an open house and mini workshop, led by Justin Petty of Just in Time Productions, to introduce interested members of the community to the idea of having a youth steel orchestra on the North Shore. This event attracted several persons of West Indian background, many with children who expressed an interest in being part of a steel orchestra. Within a week of the open house, a very eager group of children, ranging in age from five to sixteen years old attended the first training session at the LynnArts Center in downtown Lynn. LynnArts is a strong supporter of the band and provides space for the band’s ‘Panyard.’

The North Shore Caribbean Crystal PanJammers had its first public performance on May 1st, ten weeks after it was formed. The performance was received with a standing ovation and shouts of encore, encore! from parents, friends and public officials. It was then that the NSCA members knew that there was no turning back. Our youth steel orchestra project was off to a great start. The Crystal PanJammers made a second public presentation in early August at the at Lynn Swampscott Red Rock Seashore Park

At present, August 1999, the band has seventeen talented members led by its highly skilled director, Justin Petty. One important, and proud point to note is that the membership represents various Caribbean countries and we hope to attract a greater representation as we continue to grow. Congratulations to the following band members, their families, and countries represented for proudly stepping forward to demonstrate their Caribbean pride:


  • Leon - Grenada
  • Jasmyn - Trinidad
  • Matthew - Jamaica
  • Matthew and Neil - Barbados
  • Akeem - Barbados
  • Kevin - Trinidad
  • Tanya - Barbados
  • Janeal - Barbados
  • Lilian and Arlene - Trinidad and Guyana
  • Brian - Jamaica and Barbados
  • Dane and Derad - Trinidad
  • Sabrina, Trevor, and Evan - Trinidad
  • Justin Petty, Director - US Virgin Islands


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