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AUGUST 25th, 2007

Saluting the Cricketers
Celebrating Diversity
Advocating global peace

The selection of the above themes is deliberate, given the current events globally. The unending violence and war cannot escape us. The game of cricket crosses national boundaries and connects a large segment of people of various races, religions, cultures, and beliefs. So, Saluting the Cricketers, is not simply to pay tribute to those who play this game, but to show how we can through the medium of sports and culture develop good human relationships through mutual respect for one another. Eventually, by doing so, we can help bring peace and love throughout the world.

The theme on our main banner depicts cricket in action, a collection of photographs with some cricketers past and present from the West Indies reflects diversity. In addition, with a map of the world, annotating the International Cricketing Countries in the Diaspora. Our local Cricketers, dressed in colorful cricket uniform (red, green, yellow, and white) and the theme song is itself about cricket.

The beautiful women dressed in yellow tops and a white pant adds to the splendor of the day. The yellow represents the beautiful sun of the Caribbean and the white bottoms pays tribute the land of many waters which is Guyana the Beautiful.


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