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Boston Carnival 1999

Congratulations to the Boston Carnival 1999 winners:


Band of the Year:

1st Place: T & T Social Club
2nd Place: Unity Sports & Cultural Center
3rd Place: D'Midas
4th Place: Mary Inniss Social Club

King of the Band:

1st Place: Robert Redman, D'Midas
2nd Place: Aubrey Rudder, T & T Social Club
3rd Place: Roland Vialva, D'Midas

Queen of the Band:

1st Place: Althea Modeste, D'Midas
2nd Place: Tamara Shillingford, D'Midas
3rd Place: Venitia Kennedy, Unity

Female Individual:

1st Place: Nancy "Angel" Aguillar, D'Midas
2nd Place: Monica Boyce, T & T Social Club
3rd Place: Nicole Cummings, Mary Inniss Social Club
4th Place: Wanda Coates, D'Midas

Male Individual:

1st Place: Christopher Lewis, Unity Sports & Cultural Center


Junior Band of the Year:

1st Place: Mary Inniss Social Club
2nd Place: T & T Social Club
3rd Place: Unity Sports & Cultural Center
4th Place: Soca 5th Place: D'Midas

Junior King of the Band:

1st Place: Kieran Prescott, D'Midas
2nd Place: Kayshawn Cocker, Mas Women & Men

Junior Queen of the Band:

1st Place: Hopa Knight, Unity Sports & Cultural Center
2nd Place: Charles Zetta-Bunch, Mary Inniss Social Club
3rd Place: Tiesha Alleyne, D'Midas

Female Individual:

1st Place: Dianne Joseph, D'Midas
2nd Place: Abida Hosen, D'Midas
3rd Place: Chantel Wade, T& T Social Club
4th Place: Melanine Howard, D'Midas

Male Individual:

1st Place: Alvin Carrillo, D'Midas
2nd Place: Ludgi Felix, T & T Social Club
3rd Place: Grant Headley, Unity
4th Place: Dwayne Salandy, T & T Social Club

Steel Bands

1st Place: Branches Steel Orchestra
2nd Place: Metro Steel Band
3rd Place: Pan Jammers
4th Place: Pan Coalition


Sunday, August 15, 1999 Kick-Off Reception & Corporate Awards Presentation

C.A.C.A.B.'s annual "Kick-Off" signals the start of the CARNIVAL. Sponsors will be provided with a detailed plan of events taking place during the season and presented with awards commensurate with their level of sponsorship. Lombardo's, Rte. 28, Randolph. 5 pm - 10 pm.

Saturday, August 21, 1999 Kiddies' CARNIVAL

This feature of CARNIVAL highlights our young children in colorful costumes showcasing their various talents. This event is also a competition from which winners are chosen and recognized each year. White Stadium, Dorchester Noon - 5 pm.

Friday, August 27, 1999 King & Queen of CARNIVAL and Steelband Panorama

The King & Queen contest is a major component of CARNIVAL as judges travel from Trinidad to preside over it. The costumes, costly and intricate in design, are judged not only on their visual presentation but also on the on-stage performance exhibited by the masqueraders. The Steelband Panorama competition, where talented steel pan performers play popular calypsos are judged on their performances, is another major highlight of CARNIVAL. White Stadium, Dorchester 5pm - midnight.

Saturday, August 28, 1999 CARNIVAL Day

CARNIVAL begins with the daybreak celebration - "J'Ouvert" - "Breaking of the Day" - 5:30 - 10:00 am during which participants don home-made costumes and act out various portrayals.

"THE CARNIVAL PARADE" begins at 11:00 am from Martin Luther King Blvd. in Roxbury, where bands and their masqueraders come to the streets with spectacular colors and sounds that signal the arrival of CARNIVAL. The parade proceeds along Warren Street, through Grove Hall and on to Dorchester's Franklin Park. Thousands of spectators line the streets to witness the enormous spectacle as it unfolds.


Boston's 1999 Caribbean Carnival will feature several bands. Lynn Granger compiled this sneak preview for Masquerade and eCaroh brings you excerpts. The CARNIVAL parade begins at 11:00 am, Saturday, August 28, from Martin Luther King Blvd. in Roxbury and proceeds along Warren Street, through Grove Hall on to Blue Hill Avenue and in to Dorchester's Franklin Park.



The forefathers' impact on all our lives will be communicated through the band T & T SOCIAL CLUB, whose theme "LEGACY" pays tribute to all who have gone before us. The customs and traditions passed on to us can be seen through the various sections, "Native Land," "Golden Riches," "Harmony," "Lake of Fortune" and "Field of Dreams."

"Golden Riches" is a showcase of the material wealth our forefathers worked hard and long for," said Errol Phillips. "Harmony," of course, is our ability to live peacefully with each other, while Lake of Fortune celebrates our diverse blessings."

Masqueraders will don two-piece or whole body suits, leggings, waistbands and headpieces. Some will carry standards and wear girdle skirts. Rich color combinations such as red and gold, blue and green, black and gold will bring this rich legacy to life, as well as stir our memories. CATCH THE "MAGIC"

Carnival will not be complete without magic, and UNITY SPORTS AND CULTURAL CLUB will be bringing it live and direct to you.

The moon and the stars in the colors of dark purple and silver will come alive in "Celestial Magic"; "Intoxicated" masqueraders in red and gold, drinking an enticing brew, will strut their stuff in "Love Potion" and witches will cast spells on all those who come too close in "Sorcery Magic." Other sections include "Gypsy Magic," "Lucky Charms" and "The Genie." Costume Designer Peter Durrant makes the trip from Trinidad each year, and again intends to mesmerize the audience with his "MAGIC" touch. Chairperson of Unity Sports and Cultural Club, Gemma Cooper said that all involved were unanimous in their agreement of this year's theme. "It's what Carnival is all about," she said.


Come Carnival day in Boston MIDAS INTERNATIONAL will adorn the streets with a blaze of color with its theme, "FIRE." The band will boast ten sections (6 adults, 4 children) comprising between 20 and 30 individuals in the adult sections and between 20 and 25 in the children's.

Spectators will be treated sections with such fiery names as "Blue Flame," "White Fire," "Hot Like Fire," "Fire Birds" and "Tropical Fire." "Hot Like Fire" will feature masqueraders in orange, black and gold wearing hats adorned with feathers to give the impression of burning flames. Beads, chiffon and capes will be added to complete the effect. Phoenix rising out of the ashes in colorful regalia will be seen in the section, "Fire Birds" and masqueraders will chant their theme song, "We comin' to bun dem down," repeatedly, urging spectators to get in on the action.

"This Carnival will be spectacular," said Rudy Osbourne, leader of Midas International, who has been separating the children from the adults during the Carnival celebrations. "This I do as a safety precaution," he said. "Some adults drink a lot and become disrespectful and I don't want the kids to be a part of that scene."

The band's designer, Stephen Derrick, makes the trip to Boston from Trinidad and Tobago each year to take part in the celebration and this year he has used satin, taffeta, feathers and other exotic materials in his creations.


MAS MEN AND WOMEN goes with the futuristic theme in bringing to you FANTASY EXPLORERS OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM, a seven-section band featuring mainly women. Parading in sync with the music will be "Imperial Women", "Frenzy Women," "Invincible Women," "Destine Women," "Expanding Elite," "Ignoble Guards" and "Technor Rebels."

Each section has a story to tell, Imperial Women sending the message that no civilization can spread without conflict; while the Technor Rebels having nowhere to go, are left with no option but to follow the leaders.

Masqueraders in the Expanding Elite section will be adorned in yellow pants and silver and gold netted cape, at the end of which will be an orange border. Their upper portions will be colorfully decorated with yellow, blue, purple, green and orange.

The Imperial Women will wear a skirt made popular by Marilyn Monroe, a bathing suit top featuring a spock collar and the ensemble will be completed with butterfly wings.

Stephen and Cynthia Coker, the husband and wife team responsible for researching, designing and creating the costumes, bring to you an experience in fantasy.


Maudlin Thomas and her girls and boys' band, THE TWIRLERS, will once again perform their foot-stepping, hand-spinning magic as they twirl to the beat of the music. Always a hit with a crowd, these youngsters perform their magic with the utmost confidence and grace.


The country of Trinidad and some of its wonders will be put on display by BOSTON HIGHLIGHTERS (formerly Mark & Mark) on Carnival Day. Leader of the band Wilva Marks said that this year's production will be devoid of some of the fabrics synonymous with the festival. "We're going with light, air-brushed material that will have a flowing quality," she said. The kids' section, "To Catch a Butterfly" will feature boys with nets chasing after the girls in dainty butterfly costumes. The other sections will highlight a national fruit (Pommerac in Bloom); a famous waterfall (Blue Basin); the national flower (Balisier); a famous fish (the Cascadura) and black gold (Oil).

Designer Kenneth Antoine, who has also decorated sets on the popular Sesame Street program, will certainly do justice to the country's most treasured resources. For "Pommerac in Bloom," his masqueraders will wear two-piece outfits separated by a flower on the waist, and a head piece of silver, green and fuschia representing the fruit's opened bud. The rest of his creation you'll have to wait and see.


Exotic names such as "Obsession," "Secrets" and "Desire" mingle with "Escape" and "Eternity" to achieve a state of "Freedom." These are the sections to be featured by the MARY INNISS SOCIAL CLUB, whose masqueraders dressed in provocative outfits, will unleash a barrage of raw emotions.

Designer Ansyl Niles and coordinator/producer Cheryl Cummings see the escape from slavery giving way to a celebration of life. The women will wear bra tops decorated with golden teardrops, bikini panties, elbow-length gloves which expose the fingers, a brocade girdle around the waist, tall boots and plumed headpieces. The men, not to be undone will have their upper bodies exposed with only a chain around the neck as decoration. Spandex shorts, foot mittens and headpieces will add the finishing touches.

"Escape" will be celebrated with the bold colors red and gold, "Obsession" with orange and gold, and "Freedom" with white , gold and silver. Other colors include purple, red and blue.

When "COLORCAST 1999" comes into view, be sure to keep your emotions in check.


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