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By Dr. Cal B. Whitworth D.C.

Ivy Ponder was an American by birth, so it was very surprising that he was known as the godfather of the Caribbean carnival. It was Ivy Ponder who helped to materialize the carnival dream twenty-six years ago. When he passed away last year [1998], carnival lost a dedicated servant.

On Carnival day, 6 a.m., Ivy was the first person in the park, and unlike the rest of us he was “bright eyed and bushy tailed”. He was never in search of coffee like the rest of us. He came dressed to work, white pants, the Carnival shirt of the previous year, because, somehow he did not get his new shirt, and of course his old oversize “Committee” sash across his diminutive chest, and swinging in his hand was his cane.

In the early years whenever we had a function, he contributed the hors d’oeuvre including his infamous curry looking meatballs. I used to love those meatballs.

Farewell little soldier, fare thee well.

“Wait For Me, Watch For Me.
My Spirit Is The Surge Of Open Seas.
Look For Me, Ask For Me.
I’m The Rustle In The Autumn Leaves.”

Over the years, Ivy was most often the marshal. He was proud to lead the parade. Even in failing health, Ivy appeared to miraculously recover in order to fulfill his obligation to Carnival.

“If Today I Follow Death
Go Down Its Trackless Wastes,
Salt My Tongue On Hardened Tears
For My Precious Dear Times Waste.”

Ivy Ponder, Friend, Colleague, Companion. Gone But Not Forgotten.

“I Hate To Lose Something
Then She Bent Her Head
Even A Dime, I Wish I Was Dead
I Can’t Explain It.
No More To Be Said 'Cept I Hate To Lose Something.”

Ivy Ponder, person extraordinaire, has bid goodbye to all his friends on shore.

Quoted Verses Taken From Poems By Maya Angelou
This feature first appeared in the Boston Carnival 1999 Magazine.


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