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Guyana United

The authentic Caribbean is made up of all of the world's peoples - African, Asian, European, Mid Eastern and the native Amerindian. They form an ethnic montage that has composed a distinctive cultural personality. Their rhythms are unique as seen in their performing arts - music and dance; they stimulate your sensibilities with the writings of their writers and the paintings of their painters; and they nourish you with their cosmopolitan food. These characteristics, and an early socialization in multicultural, multiracial countries have allowed West Indian immigrants, for example, to assimilate seamlessly into Boston. They have an almost instinctual knowledge of how to live in a city such as contemporary Boston.
[Ron/eCaroh 2003]

Boston Carnival 2011

A First for Boston Carnival – CACAB Hosts Canadian Youth Steelband
KYSO from Brampton, Ontario
“One of the best youth steel bands out of Canada today”

Kendrum Youth Steel Orchestra (KYSO) was formed in 2006 under the leadership of Kenton Wyatt, a Guyana-born music educator in the Toronto School District. “Projecting the mindset of being a disciplined crowd pleaser” with a commitment to the presentation of steel pan artistry, KYSO is widely recognized as one of Canada’s most versatile youth steelpan ensembles. Its sound-staging and amplification of the steelpans are exemplary.

KYSO, an energizing 14-member stage side band has earned invited performance spots across North American cities from Brampton, Toronto to Brooklyn, New York. In 2011, it is visiting Boston for performances as guests at the Caribbean American Carnival Association’s King and Queen Costume Show, August 25th and at the street parade’s viewing stand on August 27th. A breakfast hour performance at Boston City Hall on August, 26th is also planned.

KYSO will also be conducting community concerts in the Greater Boston after the Carnival events on August 29th and August 30th. These presentations will be as guests in the neighborhoods of their steelpan music contemporaries in Lynn – Crystal Panjammers, Dorchester – Pan Xpressions and Mattapan/Roxbury – Branches Pan Groove.

Please support these initiatives through the Guyana Friends Association of Massachusetts, Inc.; a 501(C) 3 organization. Your generous contribution is tax deductable and will help to cover hotel and meals expenses for the players and their chaperones.

Make a donation using your credit card or Paypal account:

or mail a check to:
Guyana Friends Association of Massachusetts, Inc.

All of the band’s appearances articulate its mission: to provide music education opportunity for community youth and prepare them for success through music. There is an emphasis on imparting respect for cultural diversity. KYSO expresses the musical interests of its young musicians who proudly perform the indigenous Caribbean calypso, reggae and soca. A typical concert repertoire also includes classical and Afro-Cuban renditions.

All musicians and chaperones are of Caribbean heritage: Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago. Kenton Wyatt is the musical director and arranger.  Twelve of KYSO’s members play pan and at least one other instrument of the traditional symphony instrument family.

• Kashka Wyatt plays the lead Soprano Pan, Tenor Bass, Guitar Pan and the Recorder
• Nalina Armoogam plays the lead Soprano Pan and the Violin
• Chantel Angel McKnight plays the lead Soprano Pan, the Piano, the Clarinet and the Alto Saxophone
• Shayelle Miller plays the Alto Pan and the Piano
• Travis Winston Thomas plays the Drums, the Double Second Pan and Piano
• Kamara Wyatt plays the Six Bass Pans and the Clarinet
• Rasheidah Buckle is the baby of the band and plays the lead Soprano Pan and the Recorder
• Kandia McKenzie plays the Alto Pan
• Jimon Greaves plays the Guitar Pan, the Piano, and the Recorder
• Cemarcia McKenzie plays the Guitar Pan and the Trumpet
• Jermaine Greaves plays the Four Bass Pans and African drums
• Megan Rye Dwarika plays the lead Soprano, the Piano, the Classical Guitar and the Violin
• Tatiana Charles plays the lead Soprano Pan and the Piano
• Khalleal Gladston plays percussion.

Posted August 7, 2011 – Ronald H. Lammy

KYSO in Brooklyn

KYSO in Brooklyn

KYSO in Brooklyn

KYSO in Brooklyn

KYSO in Brooklyn

KYSO Panyard Computer

KYSO Panyard Practice

KYSO Panyard Practice

KYSO Panyard Practice

KYSO Tutor and Student


Boston’s Caribbean American Carnival 2011

Theme: Embrace diversity and empower our individuality … recognize our similarities and celebrate our differences


ECUMENICAL SERVICE, Sunday August 14, 2011,
Charles Street A.M.E. Church, 4:00pm -7:00pm

Reverend Dr. Gregory Groover hosts this spiritual service at the Charles Street A.M.E. Church, which is located on the parade route, Warren Street, Boston. We take this opportunity to give thanks for the spiritual guidance and the many blessings given to us over 37 years. We are so grateful and blessed to have achieved success in its many forms. During this event, we will acknowledge God’s abundant PEACE and GRACE and ask for His guidance to sustain CACAB for many years to come.

KIDDIES CARNIVAL, Sunday August 21, 2011,
White Stadium, 12:00pm -7:00pm

This feature of the carnival highlights our young children in colorful costumes displaying their various talents. The event is an annual competition [in] which winners are chosen and recognized in each category - King, Queen, Individual Male and Female and the Band of the Year. Each child participating has the opportunity for self-expression, confidence [in the] performing arts.

KING AND QUEEN OF CARNIVAL, Thursday August 25, 2011,
Reggie Lewis Center, 6:00pm-1:00am

This contest is a major component of carnival, as judge’s travel from Trinidad and Tobago to preside over this great event. Competitors compete in the King, Queen, Individual Male and Female categories. The costumes, costly and intricate in design, are judged not only on visual impact, presentation, spirit of carnival, craftsmanship, but also on the portrayal of the 2011 theme.

BREAKFAST AT THE PLAZA, Friday August 26, 2011,
Boston City Hall, City Hall Plaza, 9:00am-11:00am

A group of City Councilors for the city of Boston- Councilor John Connolly, Councilor Charles Yancey and Councilor Ayanna Presley in collaboration with the Caribbean American Carnival Association of Boston host a meet and greet breakfast the day before [the street parade]. The idea for this event is for city officials to show their appreciation to the organizers, volunteers, judges and official guests … for all the hard work they have done and continue to do in preparation for Carnival Day. This effort is to show [that] their diligence has not gone unnoticed.

J’OUVERT, Saturday August 27, 2011,
Morton Street and Blue Hill Avenue Intersection, 5:30am-10:00am

J’Ouvert means the breaking of the dawn. It is an early morning pre-carnival parade beginning at 5:30am in the heart of Boston. Many people from different backgrounds and cultures from the community of Boston and beyond meet at the intersection of Morton Street and Blue Hill Avenue. Everyone marches up Blue Hill Avenue dancing and singing to the soca, calypso, and steel band music wearing self-made costumes of all types. The J’Ouvert bandleaders are exceptionally creative. J’Ouvert is really an experience to see and be a part of.

CARNIVAL DAY, Saturday August 27, 2011,
Franklin Park, 1:00pm-6:00pm

Carnival Day begins with much anticipation. Hundreds of thousands of individuals from the [local] community, across the US and overseas come to celebrate this grand event with family and friends. The parade begins at Martin Luther King Boulevard in Roxbury, off Warren Street. The bands and their masqueraders adorn the street with spectacular colors and sounds that signal the arrival of carnival. The parade proceeds along Warren Street through Grove Hall then on to Dorchester’s Franklin Park with followers in tow. Spectators line the streets to witness the enormous spectacle as it unfolds. Children and adults dance the street all day long. You will observe happiness and excitement. Nearly one million people comprised of diversity engage in the day’s festivities, singing and dancing and having a great time.

Published by CACAB

PRO – Ms. Carol Leggett – 857.869.8773
Vice President: Carl Smith – 617.834.9614
President: Shirley Shillingford - 617.442.7083 / 617.642.5185

CACAB Office: 317 Blue Hill Ave, Roxbury, MA 02121


About Boston Carnival

2009 King of Carnival Contestant

King of Carnival & Queen of Carnival contest is a major component of Carnival. The costumes, costly and intricate in design, are judged not only on their visual presentation but also on the on-stage performance exhibited by the masqueraders.

2009 Queen of Carnival Contestant

Kiddies' Carnival highlights our young children in colorful costumes of various themes. This is a competitive event in which winners are chosen and recognized each year.

Steelband Panorama is the competition of steel pan musicians playing popular calypsos. In recent years, there has been no panorama in Boston. Listen to the last Panorama Champions: Branches Pan Groove Steel Orchestra of Boston.

J'Ouvert begins Carnival day with the daybreak celebration - "Breaking of the Day" during which participants don home-made costumes and act out various portrayals.

The Carnival Parade begins on Martin Luther King Blvd. in Roxbury, where bands and their masqueraders come to the streets with spectacular colors and sounds that signal the arrival of CARNIVAL. The parade proceeds along Warren Street, through Grove Hall and on to Dorchester's Franklin Park.

Carnival Costume Parade

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